Помогите сократить пожалуйста!Terwilliger opened a door into the crowded cinema hall and heard a dreadful voice, 'Well? Come on!' It belonged to a little boy. No, not a boy. That's him — Joe Clarence, the producer. The next moment film titles appeared on the screen: TYRANNOSAURUS REX: The Thunder Lizard. Created by John Terwilliger. The world of prehistoric sun and poisonous rain was full of monstrous creatures. Bony pterodactyls were hunting in the sky. In the jungle shadow the dinosaurs, those great creatures looked like ugly machines destroying a thousand flowers at one footfall. It had taken Terwilliger a lot of time to make all those steel reptilian skeletons and cover them with rubber. Most of models were not bigger that his hand. The biggest ones were as large as his head. Step by step, frame by frame, Terwilliger made his animation film. He photographed his beasts, moved them a little, photographed them again, for hours and days and months. ‘My beauties!' thought the animator. ‘Lord,' said an admiring voice. 'Wonderful animation.' 'I've seen better,'. said Clarence the Great — the man with a boy's voice. Terwilliger turned from the screen where the battle of prehistoric giants was going on. For the first time he looked at his possible employers. 'It's jerky. I'm glad it's over,' the producer said when the monsters disappeared. 'It's not bad. But don't get ideas about money, Terwilliger!' Terwilliger was not going to give up. In his studio he continued his work. Twice a day Joe Clarence came in and gave his useless advice: 'Make it real horrible. The more, the better!' or 'I don't like his expression.' Or 'Too soft, too gentle! Not bloodthirsty at all! Work!' Terwilliger would destroy the reptile and reshape its prehistoric face again and again. After the first film test Clarence said, 'Better. But... not enough horrible. Back to work!’ After the second film test Clarence said, 'Close! The face is almost right. Try again!’ Terwilliger went back to work. He tried his best to create the most disgusting face! 'That's it!' cried Clarence one day. 'Perfect! Now that's what I call a monster! You are a genius, Mr. Terwilliger!' It was at the third film test when the audience watched the most dreadful and powerful beast on the screen. When the reptile paused with a red bone in its mouth, somebody said, 'That monster, it looks familiar.’ 'Familiar?’ Terwilligcr felt uncomfortable. 'Who cares?’ Clarence cried. 'It's great. And all because I made Terwilliger create this dreadful beast.’ Suddenly a gasp ran through the audience. Clarence looked around and Terwilliger started, not knowing why. Another gasp followed. Then there was dead silence. Clarence jumped to his feet and his tiny figure stood in the light of the screen. For a moment the audience watched two images: Tyrannosaurus and Clarence. The film stopped and Clarence pointed at the reptile's mouth, its eye and its teeth, 'What is this?' the producer hit the screen with his tiny hand. 'That's me!' Terwilliger was gone. An hour later Clarence's lawyer, Mr. Glass found him in the studio packing his boxes. 'I didn't know I was doing it. It just came out in my fingers,' cried Terwilliger. 'He kept at me. Do this. Do that. I was angry all the time. Without knowing, I must have changed the face. But right up till five minutes ago, when Mr. Clarence jumped at his feet, I didn't see it.' 'No,' said Mr. Glass, 'we should all have seen.

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