Прочитать,перевести,заполнить письменно пропуски.
Every nation ______(become) special by means of its own traditions and customs. There is no other nation that clings to the past with the tenacity of the British. They are really proud of their traditions, they cherish them. When we think of Britain we often ______(think) of people drinking white tea, eating fish and chips, sitting by the fireplace or wearing bowler hats, but there is much more in Britain than just those things. Some British traditions are royal, such as the Changing of the Guard which takes place every day at Buckingham Palace. The Trooping of the Colour happens on the Queen’s official birthday. It’s a big colouful parade with hundreds of soldiers and brass bands.

British holidays (Christmas, Easter, Guy Fawkes Night, Remembrance Day) are especially rich in old traditions and customs. A traditional Christmas dinner _______(consist) of roast turkey and potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet mince pies and Christmas pudding. On Christmas Eve children hang up their stockings around the fireplace for Father Christmas to fill with presents. At Easter chocolate eggs _______(give) as presents symbolizing new life. Guy Fawkes Night is also known as Bonfire Night because English people burn stuffed figures on bonfires. On Remembrance Day red poppies are traditionally worn in memory of servicemen who lost their lives in wars. National Morris Dancing can be seen throughout the month of May in most of English villages. Groups of men and women wear coloured costumes, carry white handkerchiefs and perform their lively folkdance.

One of Englishmen’s traditions is their tender love for animals. Pets are members of English families and are protected by law. There are even special cemeteries for animals in Great Britain. Most English people love their gardens too. They enjoy______ (garden) and decorating their houses with beautiful flowers and plants.

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