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"Television, computers, books"

As far as books and computers are concerned, I can say in my firm confidence that computers will never replace books. First because they fulfill different functions. It's true that both books and computers contain information. But one computer is worth the whole library. So perhaps, computers will replace reference books because it's quicker and easier to find the necessary information in the computer than in reference books.But I'm sure computers can't be compared to fiction. Historical novels, adventure books, detective stories, science fiction, romance, poems, recommended by teachers create a special atmosphere. They take us into the imaginary world of high human emotions, exciting relations. A computer can help you in reading these books without turning the pages but working on the computer demands certain effort. You are to sit straight, not to stoop; you keep your finger on the keyboard. Besides computers have a harmful impact on the eyesight.In my opinion, it's impossible to read "War and Peace" on the screen. We'll lack something important: the invisible contact with the writer who speaks with us from the past centuries.As to TV, its role is expressed in the proverb, "It's better to see than to hear". Paraphrasing it we can say it's good to see after you have read. Screen versions of literary masterpieces add much to our understanding the author and arouse unforgettable emotions. But books are the greatest wonders in the world, which brings us knowledge and bring us up. Through centuries and distances we can keep in touch with the greatest minds in the universe.

№1. Read the text. Match the headlines 1-5 with the parts of the text A-D. One headline is unnecessary.

1. Disadvantages of computer reading

2. First read, and then watch

3. Source of information

4. Magic world of books

5. My favourite book

№2. Read the text again. Choose the right answer.

1. The author doesn’t believe that books will be ever replaced by computers.

a) True b) False c) Not Stated

2. Computers are easier to find necessary information.

a) True b) False c) Not Stated

3. Reading on a computer is comfortable and healthy.

a) True b) False c) Not Stated

4. Many children prefer reading on the computers.

a) True b) False c) Not Stated

5. It is good to see before reading.

a) True b) False c) Not Stated

2 ответы

  • 1.а
    Поставь лайк
  • 1. не отмечены буквами A-D, но заголовки к абзацам идут в таком порядке:
    3, 4, 1, 2
    5 заголовок - лишний
    2. 1. а)
    2. a)
    3. b)
    4. c)
    5. b)

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