Помогите пож составить рассказ на англ языке. Моя школа.

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  • My name is (твоё имя) and I`m a student of (школа, лицей или гимназия и её номер) in (город). I like my school very much and that`s why I`d like to tell you about it.

    For some students school is a boring place, but as for me it is an attractive place and I`m quite happy at my school.

    The standard of education in my school is very high. We study various subjects and our lessons are usually interesting and exiting.

    I`m absolutely sure that a teacher plays an important role in our education. I think that I`m lucky because all my teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable. Most of my teachers understand the difficulties of learning process very well. Theyhelp us to learn and advise us on all aspects of our life. They share their knowledge and experience with us and we respond with love. They support us and take care of us. That`s why I`m happy at school and so are my classmates.

    Moreover I`m rather a good student. I don`t have many problems at school, but I think that sometimes we have too much homework, we would have more time to spend with our friends or to take up hobbies.

    Of course, school is not only a place of education for me. It is a place where I make new friends. At school we can enjoy different cultural activities and show our individual talents. Everyone has an opportunity to join a school club or to take part in sport contests. I can say that social life is of great importance for pupils, and in our school it is organized very well. We have a lot of parties, competitions and excursions.

    Extra-curricular activities help us in our education and relationship with our classmates. I usually get on well with the teachers and I am quite successful in class. So I go to school with pleasure because I like my school and my class. I am sure that School years will be the happiest time in my life.

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