1. What is MRSA?

a) a virus

b) a bacterium

c) an antibiotic

2. How do you catch MRSA?

a) by eating from dirty plates

b) from poor hospital hygiene

c) by drinking bad water

3. Which of these things has nothing to do with bacteria?

a) wine making

b) yoghurt

c) the common cold

d) bad smells

4. In an operating theatre, which of these things breaks hygiene rules?

a) wearing your mask over your nose

b) wearing your hair loose

c) wearing make-up

5. Which of these things is most important in stopping the spread of MRSA?

a) hospital staff should wash their hands between patients

b) clearners should disinfect door handles

c) visitors should wear masks

6. Where do staphylococcus bacteria live?

a) in noses

b) in soil

c) in toilets

7. When Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, worked in a hospital during the Crimean war (1854-1856), the death rate dropped from 60% to 2.2%.Why?

a) She made nurses wash their hands

b) She gave her patients fruit and vegetables to eat

c) The ventilation was improved

8. How long should you wash your hands in hot water to be sure they are clean?

a) fifteen seconds

b) half a minute

c) one minute

1 ответы

  • 1. b) a bacterium

    2. b) from poor hospital hygiene

    3. c) the common cold

    4. b) wearing your hair loose

    5. a) hospital staff should wash their hands between patients

    6. c) in toilets

    7. a) She made nurses wash their hands

    8. c) one minute

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