1 день на необитаемом острове.
Напишите 7-8 предложений по английскому

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  • Once I was on an uninhabited island. The first thought that came to my mind was to build a dwelling and get food. The island was hot. I was a little scared, but I tried to calm down and think about what to do next. In the morning I went to explore the territory. I met a coconut palm and a banana tree. My joy was boundless. The backpack that was with me was very useful to me. In it lay a flashlight, matches, a knife and many other small things. From plants I made my clothes and even an umbrella from the sun. From this trip I learned to be independent and adult.)))))
  • I woke up on an uninhabited island? What should I do ?! - For I was worried.The first thing I started doing for salvation, I started looking for food and a place to sleep. I went around the whole island, but still did not find anything. After a while I decided to make the inscription "Help!" On the sand. The evening has come. I had to find somewhere to sleep, and I made a small hut and lit a bone. Надеюсь всё понятно ))

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