Помогите пожалуйста!! очень нужно!!
Вставьте нужную форму глагола (Present Perfect, Past perfect, Future Perfect)
a) He just (to call) me.
b) I (to know) him for 5 years. We (to get acquainted) before he (to enter) the university. c) We (to finish) this work by the end of the year.
d) You ever (to meet) him before?
e) …You (to lock) the door before you (to leave) the house?
f) She (to study) French since last year.
g) When she (to come), they already to cope) with the task.
h) By the end of the month he (to read) this book.

1 ответы

  • 1. he has just called me
    2.I have known him for 5 years . не знаю точно , что здесь
    3.have finished
    4.did you ever met. ...
    5.have you locked ....left
    вроде так

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