Complete the sentences with the world in brackets
1)The car ran very (быстро)
2)Don't (высовывайся) of the car
3)Our director has retired on pension and we don't know who (займёт его место)
4)The dog ran into (кусты) by the side of the road
5)If there are too many pupils in a class it's difficult (поддерживать дисциплину)
6)My sister is ill and I (беспокоюсь) about her
7) Then my father plays with my little brother (опускается на четвереньки) and begins to crawl all over the room
8)On the way to the station we had to stay and change (колесо) on over car

1 ответы

  • 1. fast
    2. Don't hang out of the car.
    3. ... who will take his post.
    4. the bushes
    5. to keep up school discipline
    6. worry
    7. goes down on all his fours
    9. a wheel

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