Вставьте some, any, no 1. I need ... sugar, ... flour, ... eggs, ... butter and ... milk to make a cake. 2. There is ... butter in the fridge, but there isn't ... milk. 3. Are there ... eggs? — There aren't ... eggs left. 4. We haven't got ... flour. 5. To make cabbage soup I need ... cabbage, ... onions, ... carrots, and ... salt. I don't need ... plums or ... pineapples. 6. I need to buy a lot of things. There isn't ... time to waste. 7. Oh, dear! There is ... money in my purse.

1 ответы

  • 1. some/some/some/some
    2. some/any
    3. any/any
    4. any
    5. some/some/some/some/any/any
    6. any
    7. no

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