Вот задание:It was Friday the 13th.People in England believe that it is an unlucky day.What went wrong for the people?Open the brackets using Past Simple or Past Continues.
Вот предложения:
1.When the boys (play) football they (break) the window.
2.Tom (cross) the road when he (fall) over.
3.Helen (write) a letter when her pen (break).
4.Nick (lose) his key when he (walk) in the forests.
5.Ann (cut) her finger when she (make) her sandwich.
6.When Mary (clean) the room she (break) mother's favourite vase.
1.When the god (teach) the birds the bat (ask) him a guestion.
2.When the bat (ask) the god his guestion he (get) very angry.
3.When the elephant (come) near to the crocodile he (catch) the elephant.
4.When the crocodile (pull) at the elephant's nose his friends (come) to help the elephant.
5.When the kangaroo (run) away from the dingo he (stop) to look at the dog.
6.When the kangaroo (stop) he (get) on his hind legs to see better.

2 ответы

  • 1)      Were playing, they saw

    2)      Was crossing, fell

    3)      Was writing, broke

    4)      Lost, was walking

    5)      Cut, was making

    6)      Was cleaning, broke

    1)      Was teaching, asked

    2)      Asked, got

    3)      Came, caught

    4)      Was pulling, came

    5)      Was running, stopped

    6)      Stopped, got

  • 1.was playing, broke
    2. was crossing, fell
    3.was writing, broke
    4.lost, was walking
    5. cut, was making
    6.was cleaning, broke

    1.taught, asked
    2.asked, got
    3. came, caught
    6.stopped, got

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